Warren Markowitz did the federal government ever transfer the Golden Butte area of Nevada correctly? If not they may not have the authority to designate it a national monument. (VIDEO ONLY FULL ARTICLE TO COME)

This is a video I made of a audio interview I did with Nevada attorney Warren Markowitz, whom has done extensive research into the historical documents that trace the ownership of the land in and around the Golden Butte area (including the grazing allotment and possibly part of the privately owned ranch that the Bundy Family owns and has used to graze their cattle, that turned into a standoff in 2014) that was over the New Year weekend made into a National Monument designation by the Obama Administration via Executive Order. According to Warren the way in which those lands were transferred by Arizona (when it first became a state)and the Federal Government was done in a way that they now do not have the legal authority to designate the area a national monument. Warren goes over the details and explains his findings and how they could be used for future legal action. This interview is just one part of a much larger article going over what is behind the Golden Butte designation. The article will be published on Jason Van Tatenhove’s new alternative news website; Ex Media http://ex-media.us this site will be longer format articles videos and audio interviews


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